#designandmkt. My Creative Business Idea.


I am now working on assignment two of Design and the Market which is a 2000 word business enterprise proposal, due in April, so thankfully I have a bit of time to research!

First things first, I have to come up with a business idea. We were asked last week to write a mission statement explaining our enterprise.  Last week, I was still a little undecided about what I wanted to do, which I think is quite common for some people at this stage at university, but I did have a rough idea. There are many things I would like to do but after spending this morning in the Furnishing Fabrics department in John Lewis, I have definitely made up my mind! In fact, I am now really determined!

My business idea is to design and create an interior and homeware label. I would love to see my designs one day in places such as John Lewis.  I want to brighten up people’s homes with my unique, practical and colourful designs.

We are using the NESTA Toolkit as a resource to help us to plan and start our creative businesses. I have been working my way through book one and two and all the worksheets.

One of the first things I did was identify the values which I see as being important and not so important when running a business. I tried to narrow these down to 5 in each section.  By the time I am actually running my business, I am sure they will have changed slightly!

1) Values which are always important… Honesty, Responsiblity, Respect, Creativity, Reputation and Profit.

2) Sometimes Important… Co-operation, Innovation, Independence, Time/freedom and Change and Variety.

3) Rarely Important… Physical challenge, Meaningful work, Intellectual status, power and authority and wisdom.

4) Never Important…Fame.

I did find this worksheet quite confusing as it depends on how you define things.

On Friday I attended our first Design and The Market workshop run by Lindsey Gardiner where we looked at Evidence Modelling and SWOT Analysis.  More about that coming soon…



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